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Posted: January 12, 2013 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in RANDOM THOUGHTS


Mr Right


Image Ok so I strolled down to the saloon this hot/cold afternoon (harmattan things) angry at myself and the world at large, why? My mum refused to let me drive her car down :|. Anyway on getting to the saloon i dropped my stuff and headed out to get needles, peparing my ears for the gists of life i was coming back to listen to, yeah all girls should know that a saloon in your neighbourhood is the best place after a bar to hear the latests on happenings in your neighbourhood.

As I was about stepping out of the saloon, one very “fine” car pulled over in front of the saloon, well the “finess” of the car made me look twice sha (not to see who was driving o , I’m just a very big fan of cars) just then, the guy driving stepped out “Öh Lord” was all i could mutter hoping he didn’t hear me, you know how harlequin romance novels describe guys “he had caramel brown eyes, brown silky skin, shoulders as wide as third mainland bridge, height like the eiffel tower” and would conclude by calling him a “swaggered hunk” well that’s what he was (at least the nigerian version of all that) I was “likë struck”, well while i was arranging my face just incase i was noticed by he hunk, he walked over to the passengers side, opened the door and with his deep and yet soft voice (yes deep and soft at the same time) he said to the cute and extremely lucky (well she had the hunk, she just had to be reffered to as lucky na) young lady sitting there pinging i presumed as she was rather carried away and completely oblivious of the fact that they had arrived their destination “we are here madame” she rose her head with a smile, as he stretched out his hands and swung her out of the car gently (to be honest it looked like the making of an hollywod movie sha), “call me when you are almost done o, won’t want to keep you waiting when you finish, I should be done with church by then” he said as he walked her to the entrance of the saloon handed her his wallet from where she pulled some cash and returned it, he hugged her and turned to leave *sigh* i was speechless just as i was bout walking away  he looked towards me and said “göod evening” in awe i muttered something that sounded like “good evening” in return and strolled off and came back with the hope of starting a convo with the lucky girl (first to make sure she wasn’t using jazz on the hunk and then to find out how she turned a naija guy into an hollywood actor).

While we both sat there waiting on the saloonist who was rather more engrossed in the convo she was having than what she was doing, I kept thinking of a topic of discussion that would interest the “lucky” young lady, my brain storming was then interrupted by the young lady in question, “how good is this lady” she asked “she’s very good, the best around here” i replied looking down at a bracelet she had on, i remembered seeing a matching one on him too anniversary gift i assumed “ök thats’s cool, cos i’m here visiting my man and he insists i change my hair before we go see his parents and this was the only place i spotted all through our rigmarole”, “who asked you” was the first thought that came to my head, not to leave her hanging i replied “öh that was your boyfriend” just as she was about replying her phone rang with the joy in her voice as she said “hello” i assumed it was the hunk well my assumption was wrong! As she said “Ï’m visiting my sister right now, I’ll see you when i get back, I miss you  too” then she hung up just when i was trying  fight back all intent i had to drop a slap on her face she turned to me and said “guys sha” i just gave her an extremely weak smile and decided to write this post. Well i started painting scenarios, that guy (the swaggered hunk) had all the qualities a normal girl who isn’t retarted and in her right frame of mind would want in her MR RIGHT,

#Tall , #Dark, #Beautiful (he was more than handsome abeg), #God fearing (yeah i could deduce that), #Caring (he obviously was), #Responsible (properly dressed and well mannered hunk!), #Comfortable, #Coolheaded

I mean what else could you possibly want? Jesus himself? But this retard beside me just called him her sister “she must be mad” i thought to myself (well who knows maybe he just had a gender reassignment surgery sha (transgender surgery)). And the other guy she was on the phone with could have possibly been one guy that has Davido as his rolemodel at 26 and even if there was nothing going on, why call him your sister? that simply tells the world you aren’t satisfied with the “hunk” (even if it was my mum on the phone sha, mehn with a guy like that i wouldn’t even lie) I could only draw one conclusion, some females will not be satisfied even after they find the Mr Right they searched all their lives for, some are still bound to wander (males too, infact females are learners where males are, #contentment issues). It might not be the girl’s fault entirely sha, she might be doing it for the fear that he might be doing the same thing, but what if he isn’t?