Love: The Lost Essence

Posted: March 8, 2013 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in RANDOM THOUGHTS


They said love was blind, that it was patient, that it endured all, they said love was devotion, that it made you do stupid things, but no where was it mentioned that it was overtime meant to lose its essence and become meaningless, NOWHERE.
This song I heard on the radio some days back described love as a tree with orange leaves amongst trees with green leaves in a forest, in actual sense as very rare and exceptional occurrence.

Sometime ago I did believe in a love like this, a love so strong that even Jack& Rose or Romeo& Juliet would look at with envy. A love even stronger than that of a mother for a child; I know it is said that the only love that can ever surpass this is the Love of God for us, but still!
But remember, that was sometime ago. What do I believe in now? Nothing, yes nothing; well, until yesterday when I “almost” fell off track. That love, that intense and exceptional feeling, I now believe/know only exists in movies, songs, books and other exemplar that share a striking similitude with real life.

I believe in nothing, I believe the only love in existence is that of God for me, even the love of Mothers for their children have sometimes been questioned; though not that of my mother’s.
I no longer believe there’s that one prince that will search a street let alone a town or country to find a girl when all he had was a glass slipper, *sigh* he didn’t even have her name. No, I no longer believe in finding my prince charming, cos there’s no prince charming.

I no longer believe that those two tiny, life binding, irrevocable words “I DO” are still the ultimate avouchment of life long love. Oh well maybe they still are; but only in the movies. Now all you have are two people who have decided they have been able to tolerate each other long enough to walk down that “I DO” road called an aisle. Not minding if they have to get “comfort” from other parties outside their homes to remain in the taradiddle they call a marriage. The essence is lost! All lost!

What almost took me off track yesterday? While I was at work, seeing as there was almost nothing to do, I decided to sit and have a chat with my boss’s secretary. She went on and on about her parents and how in their old age, they still act like they met and fell in love just a week ago. “Oh wow, good to know there are actually still couples like that” I thought. Then again, they aren’t of this generation maybe even the generation before& as such after much thought, I concluded again, the essence is still lost! Very lost! And might just never be found.

I believe the words “I LOVE YOU” are now as commonly used as the words “HOW ARE YOU” and might have even come to have no meaning at all.

  1. extellle says:

    Babe Ʊ JÛ§t hit it mehn! Love is so overhyped



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