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The Nigerian Mentality

Posted: July 2, 2014 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in RANDOM THOUGHTS
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Hello, been a while (“lazy ‘writer’s'” block), I’m delving a little into the average “typical” Nigerian’s mindset and politics today while I try to write about the little I’ve come to understand about the typical Nigerian’s mentality or manner of thinking. The recently passed Ekiti state gubernatorial election is what prompted this.


I’m used to hearing stories on how the government has ruined Nigeria and how everyone in the government is a bad egg that should literally be broken and flushed, how the government has embezzled all of Nigeria’s fund’s for their personal use and how all this is the cause of all their problems and how they would have made it if they were citizens of other countries. Undermining the fact that these allegations are quite far from false, the truth also remains that attributing all the failures of the nation and our lives to the government is utterly wrong, but this is what a “typical” Nigerian would do.


Permit me to say that the “typical” (emphasis on “typical”) Nigerian thinks like a pineapple (pineapples don’t think you might say, which is my point exactly). The “typical” Nigerian is very shallow minded. The “typical” Nigerian only reasons about today. The “typical” Nigerian has no regards for tomorrow or what tomorrow holds. The “typical” Nigerian is not a “thinker”. (My definition of a “typical” Nigerian, is one who has limited all he or she can do to what the Nigerian government has to offer and not what he or she can do to make a better life for him or herself and others in the country’s present unpleasant situation).


Going back to the Ekiti state’s gubernatorial election that prompted this post, it first of all came as a shock to learn that the ex-governor of the state was contesting for the position again after being impeached, tried on charges of corruption (still being tried in fact) and accused (with proof) of numerous murders and attempted murders. For a fact I was quite sure that the incumbent or any other aspirant was going to win the election going by the ex-governor’s track record, but to my surprise his victory was a landslide. My conclusion to this is simple, it is one of two things, the election was either free and fair or not. If it wasn’t free and fair then the winning party must have done their underground work pretty well, for obvious reasons, which is most unlikely. In another line of reasoning, which seems to be the most correct, the elections were generally declared to be free and fair from reports so far, which is a major cause for concern, someone rightly referred to this case as stomach politics (i assume the fact that food items were widely distributed by the now governor-elect is what led to this comment). The bottom line is if indeed the election was free and fair then there lies the bigger problem, while we are crying for a change in government, we should also cry for a change in our mentality/mindset. Like I said the average “typical” Nigerian doesn’t think about tomorrow, he or she is given a bag of rice or less and he forgets all the atrocities you ever committed and yet again puts his everything into your hands.


Simply put, if the Ekiti state gubernatorial election was actually free and fair then the mentality of the “typical” Nigerian needs massive re-branding, re-orientation, re-exposure etc, because no matter how much the government calls for “re-branding” “reforms” or whatever word they are putting to it these days, it will never happen until the “typical” Nigerian has a change in his or her mindset.