THE TAG (20 Very Random Facts About Me)

Posted: September 18, 2014 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in RANDOM FACTS


Hello brethren, I’m here again and today its going to be all about me!!! Few weeks back my friend and sister Esther of The way Esther sees it blog tagged me in a blog challenge, but as usual, laziness has had the better part of me. I’m required to write 20 very random facts about my very own self. The essence of this is to enable our readers know more about us. So, here goes;

1) I am funny.

2) I absolutely love movies. Detective fiction (homicides preferably) would forever be my first choice. Medical drama, legal drama and Con movies (leverage, hustle et al) would stand in second place. I’m no fan of “mindless” comedy (a perfect example being all them Mr. Ibu and Osofia movies).

3) I have a profound phobia for animals; especially CHICKENS!!!!


4) The most attractive features in the opposite sex for me would be, dimples and gap teeth (not window biko).


5) If I could be absolutely anything in the world, I would be a sniper.

6) I do not want a Ferrari I want a truck. A toyota tundra 2014 will be just fine!


7) I hate crossing roads.

8) My favourite physical feature would be my large eyes.

IMG_00004860 IMG_00004130

9) I’m quite razz. If my parents weren’t my parents, I would probably be a tout.

10) If I ever decide to leave my house to go out with you especially with public transport, then I must have either cancelled too many times, or I must really really like you.

11) I over think “everything” i.e headache = brain tumor.

12) I love rap music. Favourite rappers being Eminem, Lupe fiasco and M.I. I used to love Kanye.

13) I could sleep all day and not feel bad about it, this goes without saying I love beds and comfortable couches and yes I’m “relatively” lazy; emphasis on relatively.

14) I love football. I’m a die hard FC Barcelona fan. I’m also a die hard Lionel MESSI (god of football) fan.


15) In as much as I hate to admit this, I am a webaholic; complete Internet junkie.

16) My favorite food would be between starch with banga or egusi, plantain with owò and beans with dodo (fried ripe plantain)

17) Ironing is one thing I despise doing! I can pay you anything to help me iron.

18) I enjoy pounding yam; yes! mortar and pestle not yam pounder abi pounding machine(whichever it is called).

19) I am very impatient, one of the worst things you could ever ask me to do is to get in a queue.

20) I like big clothes, I find them extremely comfortable.

Also, i can argue with you from now till next year if I believe i’m right.

Now I’m passing the baton over to;

Adetoyanre (Adetoyanre’s blog)

Nekwu (Nekesoul’s Blog)

Janet (Pirouette’s Blog)

Ifueko “Corrina” (Corrine147’s Blog)

Also, if you are reading this and you own a blog, I’m passing the baton over to you too.


  1. Osaigs says:

    You absolutely, totally rock……love 2,5,6,8,9,12,14


  2. […] as most of you know, I’m a die hard Barcelona fan!!!! (well, if you didn’t it’s here) And even a bigger Lionel Messi fan (my mother believes I worship him), the only thing I have on my […]



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