Whatever is worth doing…..

Posted: September 25, 2014 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in LIFE LESSONS
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Hello beautiful people, in a bid to kill off my lazy side I decided to challenge myself a little, a post every Thursday; that’s the deal I made. Now, I’m just going to start from the beginning. I’ve always had an issue with people doing things half way or not doing things right ESPECIALLY when they have the ability to. Don’t get me wrong I’m soooo not a perfectionist, I’m very far from it.

Let’s put it this way, it’s only RATIONAL that if you “know” you do not have the capacity to carry out a task right or see a task through to the end, then there’s no need taking it on in the first place. Like, starting construction on a road and leaving it half way. As a result, seriously inconveniencing and posing serious danger to road users (which is what prompted this post). Construction has been on for not less than 24 months on a road that leads to my humble abode. On my way home this fateful day, the bus driver decided to drop me off before my actual stop because of the hellish traffic. Well, unknowingly I walked right into quicksand. To cut the long story short, I got home without shoes that day. This goes without saying, I’m holding the Lagos state governor responsible and thus he owes me a pair of shoes!

Whatever they say is worth doing at all is worth doing well/right. I was in SS3 when my form teacher used this line on me and honestly I felt very “one kind“. I was to clean the class windows that day, I had been skipping it for weeks and luckily there were others to do it. Unfortunately for me, that day I was on my own, I wiped the windows haphazardly and left it. Basically because my heart wasn’t in it and also because the first period was about to start. Well on my form teacher’s orders, I had to re-wipe the windows during the first period (I kinda felt embarrassed). In any case I took that incident to heart and I cleaned every window and swept any portion of the class I was given with all my heart, soul, blood, sweat and spirit after that. What I learnt was simple, there’s no need doing something at all if you aren’t going to do it right, and if you can do it right, do it right the first time.


It is quite simple, if you “know” you can’t do it right, then don’t do it at all. If you can’t swim through a river to the end, there’s no need jumping into the river in the first place. If you can’t drive don’t bother getting behind the wheels. If you can’t care for more than two kids with your present income, go for family planning after the second kid. If you can’t stay faithful to your partner, remain single. If you can’t rule a local government area, state or country properly, kindly do not contest for the position. If you know you plan to play when you get into the university, please do not waste your parent’s money, learn a trade.

Also if you can do it right, then the responsibility is on you to do it right. Having this at the back of our minds before we undertake any tasks will make the world a better place (for me to rule; when I’m ready to start ruling) and will hopefully keep me from losing any more shoes.



  1. Esther says:

    I hope you take this to heart, keep to your word and post every Thursday…
    Nice post


  2. zeme says:

    I absolutely love this post & totally relate with it. It’s one of the few policies I hold dear live by….


  3. Ese says:

    You are right about whatever worth doing should be done well. I shall keep an eye for your Thursday posts and you better not fail to keep at it :p


  4. nekesoul says:

    U’re my inspiration! I think I should start posting regularly too. Oh well…probably never gonna happen. I can relate with the road ish tho, I’m a victim every time I step out.


  5. Ebike says:

    I agree! D stupid & decrepit airport that was ‘built’ in Bayelsa! The women that inconvenience ppl w/ their 6 children & 1 seat!! Oooohh,soo many! Doesn’t mean I do my things well sha! But sha,I try!


  6. Ada says:

    Ur sense these days amazes me. D world needs to not only read dis but understand d message. Indeed if we all saw things thru to d end…d world will b a better place. don’t start what u can’t finish. Holding u to d every Thursday post thingy.


  7. Gabosky says:

    “Start strong,finish well”…”Promise made,promise kept”…a quality every potential leader must possess! Let’s hope our youth will take a cue from this post and redefine their mentality. Nice post! Looking forward to another Thursday!


  8. Grace says:

    So true… I really wish many people can really live by this words “whatever is worth doing is worth doing well” and if u know u can’t DO IT WELL, leave d position,seat,lifestyle,etc for those who can and d world will be a better place. If u can’t take care of those kids,why bring them 2 d world 2 suffer? That part really sucks.


  9. Mcbeechee says:

    I don’t agree tho. I mean…You’re right and all..there’s no point embarking on something if you have to go in half heartedly, with no real thought to it. Some just do things perfunctorily. . What I don’t agree with is the ‘don’t start at all if you won’t finish’. for the few half of ‘us’ that start to do something hoping and trying to get through it but don’t, please don’t judge. The resources might be available, the calculations may have been made, but something else might….something else might just….



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