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Hello beautiful people, THANK GOD it’s FRIDAY!!! It’s been a rather hectic week, I had an exam to write hence my absence last week (another coming up next week). I would like to start by appreciating my friend Esther for the feature on her last post read here. This post is dedicated to you Esther (i’m not all politics :D) and to everyone who noticed my absence last week (Lmaooo I can see eyes rolling; I know you missed me).

Today’s gist! I have tried to refrain from commenting on the issue of people (especially men) and infidelity in relationships/marriage simply because I feel the issue has been really overemphasized over time. I feel the question “WHY DO MEN CHEAT?” is now somewhat similar to the question “WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD?” (when I was being asked in nursery and primary school). But in my heart and soul I felt this was worth breaking my restraints for.


I decided to turn on the car stereo on my way home from work a few days back and there was this “relationship” show on. Listeners with relationship issues to share or seek solutions to called in or sent messages.

The first call I listened to was from a married man, he said he had been married for about four years and he has been cheating on his wife since the first year of their marriage and that he’s aware its wrong (oh yes he actually called to report himself). He went on to say that it wasn’t technically his fault. Apparently in the first year of their marriage, the girl (who happens to be their neighbour) came on to him (yes, she did know he was married; I shall address this other issue some other time) and he couldn’t resist the temptation. He concluded by saying that his wife knew about it and she knows “THAT’S HOW MEN ARE” and she has been hoping he’ll CHANGE and as such she hasn’t taken any DRASTIC measures.

The second caller was a lady who I termed to be quite very stupid (forgive my language). According to her, after dating the guy for about four years, he asked her to get pregnant for him before he could marry her, out of love stupidity she agreed. After she got pregnant he left her for someone else, and she didn’t hear from him again. She had the child and on the child’s second birthday, he came back begging. My question is “where he go since?”  After 2years and 8 or 9months??? She concluded by saying she thinks he has CHANGED and as such she’s considering taking him back.


The third call was from a woman who said she had been married for 35years (since 1979) and her husband had been promiscuous one time or the other but she had always looked the other way because she knows “MEN ARE BOUND TO CHEAT”. But then he started dating their daughter’s friend, she then had to confront him, but he still didn’t stop.

I listened in till the end of the show and all through, only one guy called in to share a situation with his ex girlfriend. It’s either men weren’t interested in pouring out their issues on air or women aren’t cheating on their men (which is an absolute lie by the way, so I’m picking the first option). The movement and awareness against men cheating has gained even more voice than the fight against HIV/AIDS and EVD combined and yet……

After a little pondering, I coined a conclusion in my head; MEN won’t change or have refused to change because of WOMEN. Yes WOMEN. In recent times, anywhere infidelity on the part of men is mentioned, you hear women go “Na so them be” or “Men are meant to cheat” or “it’s in their DNA” or “If your man doesn’t cheat, then he’s not a man”. The same women will still come and be crying up and down and acting all suicidal when they catch their men in the act; what are the tears for biko???

Women have succeeded in making men some sort of untouchable lot that should get away with anything when it comes to infidelity (Go out there and cheat kinda situation). Biko where is it stated in your bible that men are meant to cheat? (sha don’t quote old testament for me except you are in 2014 BC) or has a gene that codes for infidelity been discovered??? Why have we come to accept men as cheats?

The fact that we have come to the “All men should be cheats” conclusion has over time fueled their tendency to become cheats and as such almost ruined any chances of infidelity phasing out of relationships/marriages and having an infidelity free generation. We need an ideology shift!!!!!

To be continued…..

Watch this space tomorrow… Something new coming your way 😀




Lagos State’s Horn Free Day

Posted: October 16, 2014 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in NIGERIA
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Hello beautiful people, it’s another beautiful Thursday, to the Lagosians Happy “Horn free day” in arrears. I was on my way to work on Monday when I heard that October 15th has been declared “Horn free day” in Lagos, “this jobless people have returned again” that was my first thought. How will that even be possible in Lagos of all places? What’s the essence? Alas I can tell you if I had counted the number of “LASTMA boys” that lined the roads i plied yesterday, they would have been over a hundred, all wearing horn free day reflective jackets. The exercise was quite serious unlike I had assumed.

The essence of this exercise according to the state’s governor is to “persuade citizens that THERE IS A BETTER WAY TO LIVE than indulging in noise pollution which has been found to be harmful to their HEALTH“. I got a whole lot from the state governor’s speech regarding the horn free day, but I’ll discuss those that are quite dear to my heart.

My own understanding from the speech he gave regarding the exercise is that, horns contribute a huge deal to noise pollution in the state, which I really do agree with. But, the issue here is before he decided on the horn free day exercise; did he stop to ask himself and his able advisers why lagosians use their horns so much? If you drive on the mainland then I’m sure you can attest to the fact that if the use of car horns were to be proportional to the recklessness of danfo drivers, truck drivers and even the drivers of BRT buses then we will all be deaf! With the way these danfo drivers go about their driving even with them Fashola’s lastma boys present, if you were to not use your horn for a day I promise you’ll go home with half your car. Probably sensitizing them danfo, truck and BRT drivers should have been the first step.

If you’ve ever been around Oshodi, Iyanaipaja or Ketu bus stops and a load of other bus stops in the Lagos metropolis then I’m sure you can also attest to the fact that if you stand in any of those bus stops for more than 10 minutes, you are likely to go deaf by the 11th minute, every one who sells at those bus stops the woman sells bathroom slippers inclusive has a megaphone. The worst of them all are those that sell herbal drugs and supplements! GOKO cleanser the perfect example! Theirs isn’t just about the deafening noise they make in the name of adverts but the fact that the adverts are quite offensive (in my own opinion). Perhaps the governor should have put measures in place to stop this first.

Again I feel if indeed the governor is concerned about my health, maybe his first point of call should have been the huge potholes I have to deal with to get to my humble abode. I get home with backache, headache, and a host of “other aches” every day I decide to opt for public transport. All thanks to the fact that to avoid the crazy traffic caused by the fat potholes on the main route, they have to use freer alternate routes that have been abandoned for ages and have even fatter potholes. Then the days you then decide to drive you spend not less than 3hours on a journey that will normally take less than an hour all thanks to the fat potholes. A regular 8am to 5pm worker in Lagos gets no more than 5 to 6 hours of sleep at night, because they have to beat the traffic congestion. Traffic congestion mainly caused by pot holes and our lawless danfo drivers. I’m sure getting more sleep will definitely improve our health and is sure “a better way to live”. I’m also sure filling those potholes and sensitizing then danfo drivers and other road users will go a long way in “improving our health” that he seems quite concerned about.

I am very positive our jaws will drop if we get to know how much was earmarked for this “Horn free day” project. Dear Uncle Fashola please I think projects/exercises like “Pothole Free day” or “Fill A Pothole day” maybe even “Flog a lawless danfo driver day” will be of more benefit to Lagosians. Instead of creating another avenue for your Lastma boys to extort money from people who are just trying to get by.



Nigerian Politics: The funny game

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Hello beautiful people, it’s a beautiful Friday here in the city of Lagos, I hope wherever you are is just as beautiful :). Yesterday was a rather hectic day and network was quite horrible hence the late post. I’ll like to start this post with a bit of advice, especially to the young women, men, boys and girls please biko pay plenty of attention to your health and please do not stress yourself excessively over anything (work, relationships, even life). I lost someone I knew last week due to complications arising from high blood pressure. Her’s was the third case I got to know of in the past two weeks. The sad part is they were all really young and even unmarried.

To today’s thought; growing up everywhere Nigerian politics was being talked about; at home, on TV, in school etc, it was always described as a dirty game.They always said, you had to get your hands dirty to be a politician here in Nigeria. Well, this isn’t entirely far from the truth. Another thing people have failed to mention is what I would love to term the funny hilarious side to Nigerian politics. Your next thought would be, “What’s so funny about Nigerian politics?”. I’ll tell you what;

Personally I believe politicians/ holders of political offices should be individuals who stand out in the society, individuals who are actually capable of representing the electorates interests, and individuals we (the young especially) can look up to as role models. But in our (Nigeria’s) case, we have BLONDE haired men contesting political positions, I mean how do you expect a man who can’t make the right decision concerning his hair colour veraciously represent the interest of his electorate? As a matter of fact, he said “I will still carry my BLONDE hair when elected into office” (LMFAOOO). Quite a number of Individuals now feel that since their dominance in the entertainment industry has come to an end, they can jump into the next free for all money making venture. EVEN THE PARTY RIDER HIMSELF!!!!! No offence but quite a number of them don’t even seem like they can manage a home let alone a community. I was listening to an advert for a political talk show (“Let’s talk politics” or something like that) on radio on Monday and I later discovered the show was owned and anchored by our very one Baba Keke (I reserve my comment). I am personally not against ANYONE running for any office but it is only fair and rational that you at least make yourself presentable! How am I (as a voter) supposed to take a BLONDE haired man seriously? The bottom line is if a blonde man believes he can hold a political office, then Nigerian politics is indeed hilarious.

Peter Obazele_121406

The second funny aspect of our Nigerian politics is that of our politicians PORTING LIKE SAKA HOPPING UP AND DOWN LIKE KANGAROOS from one party to the other. I can’t seem to tell the difference between the two million and one political parties we have and our mobile networks anymore. Some politicians Peter Obi for example, after reaping all there is to from one party waltz their way into the next. Please these are political parties not mobile networks.


In other news, it is estimated that by the 2019 elections, there will be 1 political party to every 10 Nigerian (by my own estimation).

All I’m saying is, we as the electorate deserve the best in terms of who represents us. It is very clear that our politicians feel we can accept anything they throw in our faces, which is very wrong. So please do not come and shove your blonde hair in our faces and expect us to vote you in because you said you were in love with two women and somebody hit your car (we liked the songs though). Respect our brains!!! We want men with black hair who are capable of representing our interests except you are an albino.


A Change in the Independent Nation

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Hello beautiful people, to my fellow Nigerians, Happy independence anniversary, I hope you all wore green and white yesterday. This post was very last minute, I had already written something else for today, but decided on this instead, since yesterday was OUR independence anniversary.

I was discussing with my mum some years ago on a certain independence anniversary. I blabbed on and on about Nigeria being a failed state and how there was nothing to be thankful for. In the course of our discussion I said “Nigeria would have been better if it never became an independent nation, or if we were still under military rule”. My mum gave me quite a long lecture that changed my reasoning. Basically she said there was nothing like being a free nation and if Nigeria were to still be under military rule, then there’s a possibility we could even be detained for mentioning the name Nigeria and even though what we have is more like a “resemblance of democracy” than democracy in its actual essence, it is still way better than military rule; amongst other things. On pondering upon everything she said I decided it was time to start counting all of our blessings as a country instead of our woes.


Nigeria is a very blessed nation and we have indeed come a very long way. One of its major blessings being that it is devoid of natural disasters. The only likeness to natural disasters we seem to experience are mostly because of human negligence (an avoidable building collapse for example) and individuals with misplaced ideologies or as the president in his independence anniversary speech described “individuals who want to compel us to live our lives their way and as such have made violence their ideology and are bent on destroying our country”.

Albeit, there is still a lot to be done as a nation. Nigeria is still in need of massive changes, re-branding and re-orientation and the fact remains, it is in the hands of its citizenry to effect these changes. It begins with just one person standing for what is right and just for this change to happen. “One person can’t do so much” you might think, but we are in an era where all you need to spread a thought to millions is one phrase, one article, one status update, one tweet, one blog post etc. I was in a bus from Asaba to Benin some months back. In the middle of the journey it started raining, as the rain got heavier, we realized the driver was swerving left and right quite too often for no apparent reason. It was then we noticed his wiper wasn’t functioning, one half of the bus started praying, the other half clamored for him be careful, but there was a lady who kept screaming at him to stop the bus (which is what we all should have done in the first place). After few minutes, more than half of us were clamoring for him to stop and this time he had no choice. It took just one person to initiate that thought and most likely save our lives.


The great thing is very many Nigerian’s (the youth especially) now know to speak up for what is right, and are doing so. My only hope is that they continue in that light and do not get “sucked into the system” when they have the opportunity to do more than they are already doing.