Nigerian Politics: The funny game

Posted: October 10, 2014 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in NIGERIA, POLITICS
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Hello beautiful people, it’s a beautiful Friday here in the city of Lagos, I hope wherever you are is just as beautiful :). Yesterday was a rather hectic day and network was quite horrible hence the late post. I’ll like to start this post with a bit of advice, especially to the young women, men, boys and girls please biko pay plenty of attention to your health and please do not stress yourself excessively over anything (work, relationships, even life). I lost someone I knew last week due to complications arising from high blood pressure. Her’s was the third case I got to know of in the past two weeks. The sad part is they were all really young and even unmarried.

To today’s thought; growing up everywhere Nigerian politics was being talked about; at home, on TV, in school etc, it was always described as a dirty game.They always said, you had to get your hands dirty to be a politician here in Nigeria. Well, this isn’t entirely far from the truth. Another thing people have failed to mention is what I would love to term the funny hilarious side to Nigerian politics. Your next thought would be, “What’s so funny about Nigerian politics?”. I’ll tell you what;

Personally I believe politicians/ holders of political offices should be individuals who stand out in the society, individuals who are actually capable of representing the electorates interests, and individuals we (the young especially) can look up to as role models. But in our (Nigeria’s) case, we have BLONDE haired men contesting political positions, I mean how do you expect a man who can’t make the right decision concerning his hair colour veraciously represent the interest of his electorate? As a matter of fact, he said “I will still carry my BLONDE hair when elected into office” (LMFAOOO). Quite a number of Individuals now feel that since their dominance in the entertainment industry has come to an end, they can jump into the next free for all money making venture. EVEN THE PARTY RIDER HIMSELF!!!!! No offence but quite a number of them don’t even seem like they can manage a home let alone a community. I was listening to an advert for a political talk show (“Let’s talk politics” or something like that) on radio on Monday and I later discovered the show was owned and anchored by our very one Baba Keke (I reserve my comment). I am personally not against ANYONE running for any office but it is only fair and rational that you at least make yourself presentable! How am I (as a voter) supposed to take a BLONDE haired man seriously? The bottom line is if a blonde man believes he can hold a political office, then Nigerian politics is indeed hilarious.

Peter Obazele_121406

The second funny aspect of our Nigerian politics is that of our politicians PORTING LIKE SAKA HOPPING UP AND DOWN LIKE KANGAROOS from one party to the other. I can’t seem to tell the difference between the two million and one political parties we have and our mobile networks anymore. Some politicians Peter Obi for example, after reaping all there is to from one party waltz their way into the next. Please these are political parties not mobile networks.


In other news, it is estimated that by the 2019 elections, there will be 1 political party to every 10 Nigerian (by my own estimation).

All I’m saying is, we as the electorate deserve the best in terms of who represents us. It is very clear that our politicians feel we can accept anything they throw in our faces, which is very wrong. So please do not come and shove your blonde hair in our faces and expect us to vote you in because you said you were in love with two women and somebody hit your car (we liked the songs though). Respect our brains!!! We want men with black hair who are capable of representing our interests except you are an albino.


  1. Esther says:

    Lmfaaaoooo… You literally took this post off my books although I hadn’t looked at the hilarious side of things…
    All in all well said and I intend to be the next blonde running for office in 2019


  2. Mikktush says:

    I wish these politicians care the least about our opinion, I wish all of the strong memos from every well meaning Nigerian would cause a revolution. Sadly, the reverse is the case. Did the entertainers all decided at once to try politics?, wasn’t that how they all once ventured into music?


  3. Ada says:

    Lmao! Oh lord! I couldn’t even deal wen I saw blondies campaign posters. Its sad dat with d right godfathers and political party such ppl will win. Nice post tho.


  4. obi says:

    Lol,you need to see the house of rep member that just released a musical video in delta state.These fellas are just clowns….nice 1 anyways


  5. Gabosky says:

    Interesting write up! Blonde haired aspirant might end up surpassing our expectations.. So many black haired fellas have failed us in the To me,if anyone understands the people he/she is aspiring to serve,their plight and challenges, and has a good manifesto and pedigree,he/she should make an attempt to serve. Funny enough, am still flipping thru our constitution to check if she kicks against certain physical features…lol. Keep it up Ame!



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