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Hello beautiful people, my sincerest apologies for my absence. It’s been one exam or one essay to the other these past weeks and then my long awaited convocation coupled with this writer’s block from my hell. This is a follow up to the last post READ HERE and I’ll like to start by saying, no it’s not just men, women cheat too (a lottt). I’m saying this because a lot of people kept telling me that cheating wasn’t just a “men” thing. Then again the first part of this post was bordered towards just a single aspect of cheating (the fact that women had come to accept it as a part of men) I felt needed to be addressed. I mostly loved Michael’s (Mikkytush) comment on the first part of this post. Although that wasn’t what the first post was addressing, he basically lifted the thoughts off a part of this follow up post.

I read a tweet from a girl sometime ago that said “Men are hard to find this days o, so whatever your man does, keep him, because there are a million girls waiting to take your spot”. After that I had a talk with a much older woman and she said “Most women only remain in marriages or relationships no matter what their partners do because they are so concerned about what society will say if they leave their partners and the fact that they do not want to be single”. I said something about an ideology shift in the first post; here’s where it all begins. Most females feel the need to accept their men as cheats and basically do nothing about it because they feel they’d rather be with a serial cheat than be single. I believe this mind set is one of the birth mother of the ideology “All men ought to be cheats”.

You hear women telling their partners things like; you are free to do whatever you want with anybody you want, just make sure I never get to hear about it. Biko females get this into your head, MEN ARE NOT BORN CHEATS! MEN SHOULDN’T CHEAT! Let’s get this idea into heads first. Above all, your reaction to your partner cheating shouldn’t be you remaining there “for better or worse” (especially when you aren’t married to him) or asking stupid questions like “What does she have that I don’t”. If your man cheats call him to order! Don’t keep mute because you are afraid of being alone. If he continues, find your way out, and yes he’ll definitely move on to the next girl. That shouldn’t be your concern, your concern should be your self-respect and sanity, if he cheats on the next girl she will probably find her way out too. Sooner or later he’ll MOST LIKELY come to his senses or get HIV. Quit holding on to the i’m the one he comes home to belief, you are not a goat.

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Putting myself in a man’s shoe, the truth is this; looking at most females around, the first thing that would come to my mind is abeg why I nor go cheat.

In the first post, the first caller said the girl he was cheating on his wife with knew he was married and didn’t care. Unfortunately the girl is just one of the millions of females that have lost respect for the institution “marriage”. Sadly females claim to prefer dating married men because they are better providers (the na them dey pay pass mindset), more “responsible”, and have less wahala that all them single boys. This is all shades of wrong!!!  Please females leave married men people’s fathers alone!!! And the men should still learn to stand in the face of temptation!

A contributing factor to the infidelity saga is the materialistic jests most females have reduced themselves to. Most females would do anything for a man with a car, house etc (not minding where it originated from). I’m not saying it’s wrong to want these things, but biko some girls need calm down!!! I was having a chat with a friend about relationships and cheating and he said “Until recently I had this belief that all girls were prostitutes”. This hit me rather hard, why would a man with this belief ever be faithful to his partner and the sad truth is he had every right to have that ideology! I mean a quick look at most of the females around and you’ll reason in the same light. The fact remains most females have reduced themselves to that level where men no longer see the need to be faithful. The only unfortunate part being that the few good girls still in existence are at the negative receiving end of this most often.

All I’m saying is let’s stop using the “All men ‘are’ or ‘should be cheats’ ideology as an avenue to condone cheating. All men should be faithful to their partners as should the women to their men and please girls leave people’s husbands and fathers alone! And try to have a little respect for yourself and the feminine gender in general with regards to relationships. That is the only way they can give us the respect we deserve.


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  1. Ada says:

    My dear dis matter eh it’s only a mind control device dat will change d ideology of some ppl. Its so bad dat some even go as far as finding their guys a “responsible girl” to cheat on dem with.lol. Ppl of God d fact dat every body is mad doesn’t make mad d new sane. Let us retrace our steps. Nice post sis.


  2. Gabosky says:

    Avarice,quest for belonginess,’flow-with-the-crowd’ mentality, insatiety, ‘exploration’,…just to mention a few,are the basic factors that easily influences cheating. Honestly,I believe the desrire to cheat goes beyond what the physical sense can control. Fortunately,solutions abound for this ‘malady’. Discipline and wisdom! James 1:21.


  3. anonymous says:

    People are always gonna cheat, it’s been there since time immemorial. And yes, some people aren’t gonna cheat. These things are beyond our control.


  4. Kome says:

    Cheating, however, serves men pretty well. An undiscovered affair allows them to keep their relationship and emotional intimacy, and even if they’re busted it’s a lot easier than admitting that they wanted to screw someone else in the first place. Contrary to what we may think, most men aren’t cheating because they don’t love their partner, they cheat because they just want to have sex with others. And society shouldn’t pooh-pooh that.



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