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Happy Valentine’s Day

YESSS!!! Happy valentine’s lovelies, how are you all spending the day? Its been all chores since I got up, then my dad got us things to celebrate :D. Like i said yesterday we’ll be giving out a token today; but there’s a little catch. I’ll be asking two very simple questions and the first five people with correct answers get airtime; Here goes….

1) What Television Show was referenced in a recent post

2) Brother’s and sister’s i have none but this man’s father is my father’s son, Who is the man?

First correct answer- N1000 airtime, Second correct answer- N750 airtime, Third Fourth and Fifth correct answers- N500 airtime each.

Drop your answers in the comment section below…..

Now to that special someone I talked about recognizing today, Gabriel Ataman or Gabosky as he likes to call himself has dropped the highest number of comments on the blog so far and this is just to say i really really appreciate having you here. He gets a thousand naira worth of airtime and a box of 12 cupcakes (to be delivered whenever we are in the same town 😀 ). 

Have fun today lovelies and show some love to someone who really needs love….. XOXO

  1. anonymous says:

    1. Selfie
    2. Doesn’t exist, cos your father doesn’t have a son, if he did. you’d have a brother


  2. Gabosky says:

    Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaah!!!!! Adorable Ame…I truly appreciate your kind gesture. I least expected it. But for my cup cakes…I won’t forget to remind you! Lol. I do enjoy ur style of writing and it doesn’t cost me a thing to drop a comment. For the questions for today; 1. Selfie 2. My Son. The man is a grand child.


  3. Glowoaky says:

    Hi Ame!
    1. Selfie
    2. The man is the speaker himself.
    Great job with the blog!!😄👍👏


  4. 1. Selfie
    2. 1. Selfie
    2. You

    Happy valentine to you too


  5. 1. Selfie
    2. You are the man


  6. February the 14th is officially over, and although no one got the second question correctly 😦 we’ll be giving the token to those who answered the first at least. Answer: The man is his son (the man’s father is my father’s son, and i’m my father’s only son)

    Our Winners:

    1) Mr/ Mrs/ Miss Anonymous
    2) Gabriel!!!!! 😀
    3) Gloria!!!!
    4) Arch-Lancer Udofa (i’m invading your blog at the moment 😀 )


  7. Glowoaky says:

    Yay! Lol…there are different schools of thought on the answer though…
    How do we get our airtime?


  8. Glowoaky says:



  9. Gabosky says:

    Another gift for me!!! I can’t believe I missed the second question. But its okay. Lemme not be too greedy..lol. Anticipating my gift in earnest. Thank you!


  10. Yay! I received the gift. Thank you very much.

    Yay! Etisalat doubled the airtime. More thanks!

    I’m still kicking myself in the nuts as to how I failed the second (I almost put the correct answer but I decided against it).

    Thanks too, for invading my blog. I hope you did enjoy it.


  11. Yay! I received the gift. Thank you very much.

    Yay! Etisalat doubled the airtime. More thanks!

    I’m still kicking myself in the nuts as to how I failed the second.

    Thank you, too, for invading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it


  12. Gabosky says:

    Thanks for keeping to ur promise! I got d double package. Keep up with the good work. Soon you won’t be able to control the traffic to your blog. I just pray you won’t forget us-the pioneer ‘commenters’..lol. Looking forward to this week’s topic.



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