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Hello beautiful people!!!!! How’s everyone doing???? It’s been a minute. Who missed me? *no hands* 😦 . Well, I missed you guys, school has been bloody hectic (the funny part is we’ve been busy doing almost nothing). My dad shouldn’t hear that sha, in his mind I have been utilising the fees he paid to the optimum. Asides school, a whole lot has been going on, I pray God gives me the willpower to give you guys the gist soon.

Now, except you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you all know the election of a lifetime is upon us. I breezed into school today to tidy up a few things after which I had to go to the market, as my dad requested I stocked up “for the election”. The market was very rowdy and as expected everything was almost double the price. Security personnel were on every corner and I noticed they made it a point to disrupt any gathering of more than two young men. On the bus, three women made it their mission to discuss why they had to buy half the market as they were unsure of what the aftermath of the elections would hold. While their discussion lingered, a battle was going on in my head as to why everyone was anticipating violence. Even my lecturer parted with the words “We’ll see again when the coast is clear” on Thursday. A lecturer fixed a class for Monday morning, but as expected, over half of the class myself included said a big NO to the class for the same reason (my reason was sha because I never want to take lectures *looks around for my father*). The roads were surprisingly free for a Friday and there was little or no noise about turning up. There were rumours of uproars in certain areas although I passed the same roads and witnessed nothing (I nor understand where some people dey see their news sha). I mean one broadcast message I got said members of a particular political party were being molested and several of them had been killed with their bodies lying on the streets. Meanwhile I was at the very location for a good two hours before the broadcast message came in and another two hours after and there was no noise whatsoever.

This is no doubt the most keenly contested and most talked about election in the history of our democracy. And as such, the anticipation of violence isn’t implausible. Although I still find it alarming that certain individuals still see violence as a medium for settling election disputes. As it has been preached from time immemorial; these people you are fighting for have children that are miles away from all the violence and uproar. Why exactly do you feel your own life if any less important? I have come to a conclusion that the elections will come and go and Nigeria will still be here. The country is way bigger than any candidate and whoever wins is the best candidate.


The message remains the same: VOTE WITH INK AND NOT BLOOD, VOTE NOT FIGHT, SHUN EVERY FORM OF VIOLENCE, PLEDGE PEACE…. Come 28th March: CAST YOUR VOTE IN PEACE AND WAIT FOR THE RESULTS AT HOME. Lastly, please make it a point of duty to clarify rumours before acting.


  1. Esther says:

    Omo I don’t know if it’s the rumours that hurt me the most…. on Wednesday, I was in surulere and everybody was shouting that they were robbing n stabbing people in the same surulere, n i’m like where? two minutes later they said it was marina
    I just want this elections to go n leave us in peace, people have been behaving like we’re preparing for a war n I don’t get y at all


  2. Nwabu says:

    Lol. Good writing. Well the election went smoothly in my area. No violence whatsoever. We look forward to a better nation.



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