When Are You Getting Married???



I am terribly sorry for the long hiatus! It is really not my fault *cries in biochemistry*. See! I never expected my life to be like this after my first degree. I mean I even swore I was done with education. When I always heard about masters, all I could picture was;

  1. Pay your school fees
  2. Go home
  3. Come and collect your certificate after one year or eighteen months

I never knew I had to attend classes every day, read like I was in medical school, devout my life, spirit and body to getting the degree. It has been flat-out hectic I must confess, way different from what I expected. The worst part of it all, the lecturer walks into the class and starts with “this is a more advanced class; I don’t have to explain too much”. I mean I can barely remember what the structure of glucose looks like and you are calling me advanced issorai.

Let me ramble a bit….

See!!! There is a very high possibility that if I hear the word marriage again and my name just so happens to be the subject of that discussion, I’ll just go on exile or something. I can categorically state that since the beginning of April I have had to talk about/listen to people talk about marriage about 453,745 times. This had me wondering if old age had finally caught up with me. Coincidentally the three closest ladies to me in my class are married, so there’s no way I can avoid the subject even if I wanted to. The worst part is the fact that every weekend someone I know gets married and I also get to hear of new set wedding dates every other day. According to my friend Ada; boys that were toasting the living day light out of us are all married now. But! Wait a minute…. I am like at least three to six years younger than these people o. The fact that I have lived a rather “fast-forwarded” life hasn’t even helped issues at all. All everyone sees is this matured overripe individual doing her masters and so she should be married or preparing to be.

I made the mistake of using the “I am still very young” line with my uncle early last week. He was quick to remind me that his mother got married at 21 and if I didn’t have a “partner” now, then… (He sha didn’t complete the statement). He even went ahead to give me a list of possible dating pools (in my mind I was just wondering if my life was really that pathetic). I got home tired as hell that day seeing as I had to go to the market after school and as always I hopped right into the kitchen to make dinner for my dad. Just when I started thinking of how this was just half of what the stress will be like when I am married with kids, my phone rang. It was someone I served with, I hadn’t heard from her since we passed out last year. We talked for a bit and then she asked “When are you getting married self?” I laughed for like 30 seconds.

I really am tired of hearing one thing or the other about marriage every single day. Brothers and sisters in the Lord there is no hurry. I AM YOUNG and it is not by force to get married!!! And I believe marriage is something you should start considering when you are actually ready to be a husband or a wife and not because everybody is getting married. Trust me it is better to be unmarried even at 45 than to hurriedly marry the wrong person. Besides I still have biochemistry to worry about *adjusts glasses*. And to everyone I know getting engaged every other day; please sell cheap asoebi, I nor get money. I don’t have a job anymore. God bless you.


And yes! Speaking of marriage I saw the picture above two days ago and I couldn’t stop laughing at the ideas that came to my head and the suggestions some friends made. All in all the conclusion was; THAT WEDDING MUST SCATTER. There’s no way in hell you should leave that venue without leaving a mark.



  1. jamyjen says:

    Loll..my sister you dey reason with me…nd 4 the asoebi make the guest just dey wear the ones wey dem sew for previous wedding…cos economy no good..loll..good one!


  2. Please marry quick quick oh! And send me an invitation card when you finally decide to.

    You don forget glucose structure. Hahahahahaha!

    In other news, I was taught bioenergetics today!


  3. miraomoz1 says:

    The truth is this,no matter how young you are,for as long as you are a girl or woman who has reached the age of puberty or child bearing,You are indeed eligible for marriage. My dear,don’t say you are too young,cos in the North get married at the age of 10.
    My God sister came for a visit only to tell me that,one of my juniors that I used to flog and punish back in secondary school is now bearing Mrs and and already has a baby.I was shocked and frustrated,its not as if men ain’t coming,but I want to focus on school and career.My own mother has given TWO years,to be in a serious relationship that will eventually lead to marraige.My dear the truth is this,U ain’t too young for marraige.lolz.Lovely write up by d way.


    • You are very correct, but the fact that I consider myself young doesn’t mean I am not considering suitors sha :D. Just like you said, I’m trying to focus on finishing my masters at least before….. Thank you!!!


  4. miraomoz1 says:

    My dear,a girl is never too young to marry.As long as u have reached the age of child bearing you are eligible for marriage. You just have to have open an open mind about marriage.cos one way or the other. Let me tell u a Lil story,My God sis came to visit and broke the news that some of my juniors that I used to scold and punish back in secondary school are married,some of em with children.Before God and man I sat in my room to think about my life.Cos of this my parents have given me a 2 years deadline for marriage cos they getting old and am the only girl.So my dear,dont say you are too young,becos that is the ideology you will have at the back of your mind,you will be aging,and yet still saying you r too young,before you know suitors will come and go.So dear like I said before keep and open mind.


  5. Regina says:

    @miraomoz1 I completely disagree with you on the “a girl is never too young to marry”; there is a maturity that comes with age and it cannot be overlooked. The world is not as our parents knew it, my mom married at 32years and she told me that she is grateful she did, cos of her maturity she was able to handle d experiences she faced n is facing in her marriage . We mostly confuse the “wedding” for the actual “marriage “. Now it’s not about marrying the wrong or right person. Let’s say you get married at 21 to d right person, you vnt quite started your career, before you know you r pregnant and raising kids (which is great)…truth be told, wen it comes to raising a home, d woman’s portion is more. At some point, you will feel cheated. Let’s be practical, marriage changes your life. My advice is there’s no hurry…give ur career a head start, improve ursef, if you graduate early go get ur masters, get a job, give your life quality and own ur success…wen you do these things, you ll attract even “better” men and you ll be happy with yourself. Marriages fail today not bcos people married d “wrong” people but largely becos at some point, they realized that they cheated themselves from their own lives. marriage is not the ultimate “fulfillment” in a woman’s life. Improve yourself! Add quality to your life! No hurry!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I Love this!!! And this is exactly my point, you need not jump into marriage prematurely, especially when you still have goals to accomplish. Marriage is a great thing, but it is not and should never be the ultimate goal. Take time to build yourself first. Thank you Regina! :*


  6. Tope says:

    Its a lifelong decision so I don’t see what the rush is. Just make one wrong move in making that decision and….well…I’m sorry for you o!


  7. Deoye falade says:

    Hehehehe. Peeps walk up to me and say, “Dude go and marry! Or is it untill our kids start calling you uncle?” I be like, “Na today? Wetin dem for call me before? Even if I’m married with kids, god bless that friend’s kid that calls me Daddy so and so… He/she and the father would get knocks.



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