Stop Ruining Our TV Shows!!!

Posted: May 8, 2015 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in RANDOM THOUGHTS
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P.S…… I was supposed to put this post up about a week ago but…..

I am officially tired of producers and actors ruining my favourite shows just because they cannot keep their feelings in check! When main characters are killed off in more than two of your favourite shows just because of a debacle with the producers or as a result of a failed relationship with co-actors, then there is probable cause for alarm.


First off, Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve followed this show for only God knows how long. After several painful deaths (some of which even made me shed a tear or two) and several characters being shipped off to unknown destinations, I began to wrap my head around the fact that maybe just maybe the series was supposed to have a tragic modulation to it (I mean why else would there be no chance of happily ever after for any of the characters). Unfortunately the episode before the last was the last straw; the episode saw the tragic death of one of the show’s main characters, Derek. After trying for several hours to wrap my head around why the writer was trying so hard to make Meredith Grey’s life so miserable (she previously lost her mother and sister, now her husband), I decided to do some digging online. Imagine my disgust when I found out Derek was cut off because of a misunderstanding he had with the show runners. Not only that, several other characters that had previously exited the show left as a result of same and not on their own volition. Now I have come to the conclusion that Shonda (Show’s Creator and Executive producer) is possessed. For now she is safe, so long as she doesn’t touch Jackson and April! If she does I will hunt her down!!!



I’ve been an ardent follower of The Vampire Diaries since the very first season, and I am so very sure one of the main reasons we watch this show is the Stephan Damon Elena love triangle. I was more than pleased when I got to know Damon and Elena were actually together. Somehow, I believe their relationship was the reason for their intense chemistry on the show. They eventually broke up and I don’t know if I was the only one who noticed, but it was very obvious on the show. Actually, it was after an episode of the show I decided to check out the latest on their relationship. Down the line, it was reported that Elena had asked the writers of the show to keep the “love scenes” between she and Damon to the barest minimum. Eventually, she announced she was leaving the show. Going where? Why? This was definitely not the last season of the show, what is supposed to happen now? Thanks to her intended exit, the show runners decided to throw a very uninteresting couple in our faces (Stefan and Caroline). To probably cushion Elena’s exit while the match make Damon with someone else. So, if Elena wasn’t an actress and she held very good position in a firm alongside Damon and they started a relationship that eventually got estranged, would she have left the company? What happened to keeping your personal lives separate from your work lives? Oh well, I will continue watching the show unless of course they pair Damon up with Bonnie. In that case I will hunt Elena down!

Bottom line, these shows keep quite a number of viewers going (you’d be surprised at how many). And honestly, I feel it is rather unfair to not consider viewers when making cuts or deciding to leave a show (especially for trivial reasons). Yes, they are just movies but still…..


  1. miraomoz1 says:

    Nina Dobrev aka Elena must be very stupid,to leave d show when she’s the major character in this series.What ever problem you have in your personal life should be kept personal.Do your job after that you can continue what ever drama is going on in your personal life.I ain’t watching Vamp diaries ever again.



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