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Constitutional or Not?

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On the radio show “Political Platform” a couple of days ago, a listener sent in a message concerning the 220 million naira the Kano State government had earmarked to cater for those who couldn’t afford food to break their fast during the Ramadan. He was of the opinion that the government could have used the money for a project aimed at creating gainful employment for these people rather than just feeding them for the period. Just as I was ruminating on the thought, a call was placed across to someone who is supposed to be a spokesperson or something of that sort for the Kano state government. And then, the “sophisticated illiteracy” of many of our government officials was thrown out in the open yet again.

The conversation went thus; (P.S: this is an abridged version of the conversation)

Show anchor: Have any funds had been earmarked for feeding in this fasting season?

Spokesperson: Yes, the Kano government has earmarked 220 million naira for the feeding of Muslims who cannot afford food to break their fasts during the Ramadan. There are a lot of Muslims who do not have anything to break their fasts and the government has taken it upon itself to cater for this people.

Show anchor: One of our listeners is of the opinion that the money should be used to create jobs for this people instead of feeding them for just this period also considering the debt log of the state.

Spokesperson: Yes yes, the government will create jobs for them, but the people have to be healthy to work (huh???). If they are not healthy, how will they work? It is the government’s duty to feed the people. The state’s governor is very sensitive to the people’s plight. If the Kano state government doesn’t give them food what will they eat after their fast. We are giving cooked food not raw food. blah…. blah….. blah…. He said some things I couldn’t make any sense of.

Show anchor: Is this money coming from the government’s purse or is the governor personally funding it? Because we know the Kano State government was listed as one of the states in debt.

Spokesperson: Yes, the Kano state government is funding the project because as you know the people of the state have to be fed (what???)….. blah….. blah……. blah…… some more incoherent words.

Show anchor: Is it constitutional for the governor to fund such a project from the government’s purse? Is there a provision in the constitution for this? Does this action have a constitutional backing?

(In my mind, I was just begging the guy to cut the call and run before he fools himself; I am not looking forward to another oga at the top saga. Imagine if he had said something like, “I don’t know, I need to ask my oga. Or it’s my oga that brought up the idea, so I don’t really know)

Spokesperson: Silence…….

Show anchor: Oh I think we lost him.

In my opinion, the man ran for his dear life! They further analysed the issue on the show. One of the anchors was quick to point out that the state is religiously diverse and as such, a project like that should probably not be embarked if it is being funded from the state’s purse. The question on my mind the whole time was “who was feeding these people before the fasting period?” Agreed, there is a benevolent side to this deed. What the governor is trying to do is really wonderful. BUT THEN AGAIN; YOUR STATE IS IN DEBT, WHO WILL FEED THIS PEOPLE AFTER THE RAMADAN ENDS (WHAT HAVE THEY EVEN BEEN EATING)? WILL YOU DO THIS DURING THE LENTEN SEASON? WOULDN’T IT BE BETTER IF YOU PROVIDED JOBS FOR THIS PEOPLE WITH THIS MONEY; IT MIGHT NOT BE SO MUCH, BUT IT’S DEFINITELY A START (REMEMBER THE TEACH ME TO FISH INSTEAD OF GIVING ME FISH ADAGE?).

In my opinion, it is a really nice gesture, but he could have funded it from his “PERSONAL” purse QUIETLY.



Andddd a very Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest footballer and a living legend Lionel Andres Messi (If you like curse me in your mind, I go soon meet am). I had this plan to do a very elaborate post for/on my birthday but as always, Biochemistry has ruined it all (which begs the question, when will Ame have a life). I have this five hour long incourse on Friday (my birthday) and two other great ones on Monday and Wednesday next week. All the plans I had for myself and my friends (I) have therefore been moved to the following weekend (I’m sure people postpone their birthdays all the time, hell Uncle Gabriel Igbinedion celebrates his birthday all through the year). However!!!!! WORLD AME DAY remains 26th June!!!! #ANTICIPATE. I will definitely squeeze in a post on Friday and please expect a lot of pictures!!!!  





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For some days now, I’ve been waking up with this “why is the world the way it is” feeling. I wake up questioning everything; why there is so much heat, why there is no power, why I have to wake up every morning to go to school when the only way I’m sure of being employed is if I create a job for myself since none of my uncles are senators or ministers (I still don’t understand why sha), why my street is so messed up each time it rains, why I don’t have super powers, why chickens can’t fly. EVERYTHING!

I decided to source for the origin of this anger. I finally found the problem after several hours of meditation. In a week I get to be “not 21” any more; I turn 22 in a week’s time. And, I realised I have been “living” my life (sorry existing) too damn fast. You’d think I was running from something. I have been secretly pissed at the fact that even though I have achieved a “considerable lot” (mostly academically) at my age, I couldn’t really care less about it all. I have been busy working hard for something I don’t even think I want.

I get to be “not 21” soon and I have no memories at all of being 21. I always looked forward to the 21 mile stone and had all these things planned out in my head, but….. Now is when my life is supposed to be about fostering relationships and creating beautiful memories for my old age. But instead, I wake up every morning thinking of what to make for breakfast, even if I do not plan to eat, my father has to. I run to school afterwards, spend not less than 5-6 hours in traffic to and from school, go to the market to get food stuff, get home, prepare dinner even if I’m tired as hell, struggle with my books and the cycle continues, every day, every week, every month.

Hangouts? Who has the time? Have fun? Please define fun.

I have decided to make this last week count! How? I honestly do not know. But something has to be done. Sha, for now I have to go and seek for a solution to my fresh tomato problems. Have you tried to buy fresh tomatoes in Lagos lately? You’d think you are buying designer tomatoes.





I just had to start with that. I’ve been extremely overjoyed since Saturday and that’s why. 😀

Now to why we are here………..


Love yourself the way you want to be loved (the way you want someone else to love you).

Love your neighbour as you love yourself (this is the greatest commandment).

An insight into the later tells us that you can only love others (your neighbour) when you love yourself. How much love you can show to your neighbour (everyone around you) is a function of how much you love yourself. You cannot give what you do not have.

With regards to the former, you cannot truly understand what it means to be loved when you do not love yourself. I’ll explain; when you do not love yourself, you cannot see what others love in you. When you do not have love for yourself, you do not know what it is for someone to give/show you love. It’s like giving a million dollars to someone who has lived all their life in a forest and has no idea what a dollar bill looks like. Now, imagine a painting you’ve studied and come to love; you’ve studied, understood and fallen in love with every brush stroke and even flaws. Imagine someone else falling in love with that same painting. You more than anyone else will be able to understand. That is exactly what it’s like to love yourself before someone else loves you.


So, basically before you can love others, or “feel loved” you have to first love yourself. And no, loving yourself doesn’t make you selfish/self-centred. It only means you are investing in yourself, so you can have even more to invest in others and appreciate when others invest in you. Self-love is basically where love begins; after your love for GOD.

How do you go about loving yourself?

The basic step is to forgive yourself of past mistakes, let go of any pain, regret, past failures, basically anything that makes you feel undeserving or worthless. And truth is; only GOD can take all that away. Also you need to understand who you are to GOD, to understand that HE has kept you here for a reason hence you are far from worthless.

Learning to love yourself is a process that takes time, but with GOD, it takes minutes.

UNTIL NEXT TIME….. In the words of Whitney Houston: Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all (after loving GOD)….. XOXO