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For some days now, I’ve been waking up with this “why is the world the way it is” feeling. I wake up questioning everything; why there is so much heat, why there is no power, why I have to wake up every morning to go to school when the only way I’m sure of being employed is if I create a job for myself since none of my uncles are senators or ministers (I still don’t understand why sha), why my street is so messed up each time it rains, why I don’t have super powers, why chickens can’t fly. EVERYTHING!

I decided to source for the origin of this anger. I finally found the problem after several hours of meditation. In a week I get to be “not 21” any more; I turn 22 in a week’s time. And, I realised I have been “living” my life (sorry existing) too damn fast. You’d think I was running from something. I have been secretly pissed at the fact that even though I have achieved a “considerable lot” (mostly academically) at my age, I couldn’t really care less about it all. I have been busy working hard for something I don’t even think I want.

I get to be “not 21” soon and I have no memories at all of being 21. I always looked forward to the 21 mile stone and had all these things planned out in my head, but….. Now is when my life is supposed to be about fostering relationships and creating beautiful memories for my old age. But instead, I wake up every morning thinking of what to make for breakfast, even if I do not plan to eat, my father has to. I run to school afterwards, spend not less than 5-6 hours in traffic to and from school, go to the market to get food stuff, get home, prepare dinner even if I’m tired as hell, struggle with my books and the cycle continues, every day, every week, every month.

Hangouts? Who has the time? Have fun? Please define fun.

I have decided to make this last week count! How? I honestly do not know. But something has to be done. Sha, for now I have to go and seek for a solution to my fresh tomato problems. Have you tried to buy fresh tomatoes in Lagos lately? You’d think you are buying designer tomatoes.


  1. martha says:

    Lmao, turning 21 soon and I feel the same way…. the tomatoes issue is alarming,it’s arranged 500naira worth upward for a very small quantity… lol


  2. Melody says:

    Lol…story of our lives *sighs*


  3. Oluchee says:

    wait…someone else is about this life too? it isn’t just me? woow this is kind of like a relief..
    oh oh…btw..it’s going to be a passing phase hun. dont see life in a gloomy view. I hear its bad


  4. Gabosky says:

    Nice piece. Really got me thinking. Anyways,happy birthday to you in advance!


  5. hehehehehehehehehhe lmao! **Takes off Brown Leather abi na Rubber wrist watch… hehehehehe hahahahahah lmao! now that last line had me gigling like a freaking Hyena! I went to the Market for my eleder sister last Saturday.. Mehn when they showed me Tomato ehn! Afraid wey catch me ehn! no be here oh! The thing used chain to catch me aswear… The world is Truly coming to an end… Ooooossshheeeey Turn uP!!!!! Ladies and Gentlemen! I have found me another amazing blogger that I can connect to like a USB to a lappie.. heheh Mehn Ya just epic.. EPIC I tell you… Wow! 21 huh?! You look so Young and beauRRifull… You could pass for 18 under sun light and even 17 under Club light **Wears Evil smile… you know that right?! Saw the picSHur and my heart went kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo di kpo kpo kpo…**wears Inspector gadget look… So you feel my pain i see.. aYam currently 23 years 7 months and 26 days old.. and thinking about it yeah Baby mi, i was literally just 15 and having my first geh friend just last night… See ehn! Life is lived in seconds not days oh! We humans measure life by days, Months and Years yeah… But in reality yeah Bubba.. Life is lived in seconds… hehehe So try and make every second count.. Yes you are in Uni.. and there is little time… But so freaking what bubba (no pun intended oh)?! Your night is yours.. Turn uP!… Your Sundays are yours… See a Movie.. Your Mobile is Yours.. Make Instagram not only a fashion page but a Diary of posterity worthy moments.. wWe only Live once eh…

    Baby mi, it would be a great honor to connect with a blogger of your kind… I write for the Young and Confused Gang.. and your type.. Those as Confused about life as we are.. Those that ask why Chickens cant Fly.. (heheheh Did you really ask that kweshion??! You ehn!!) heheh Those that kweshion reality as a whole.. They are those we love to connect with…

    Baby mi (pardon me… I like to act like a player player hence the name, i will stop in time), lemme conclude by saying these utterly confused words.. We never grow.. We only age… As our minds were built to stay forever Young via recycled memories.. Our Bodies from time immemorial were destined for decay.. Cheers Bubba.. Turn uP Turn uP ladies and gentlemen… aYam feeling this babe.. hehehe and the crowd goes… Yeeeeeaahh mehn!


    • Duru!!!!!!! First off lemme say welcome!!! And I have been a fan of the young and confused blog since Esther wouldn’t just keep quiet about “Duru” *rolls huge eye balls*. It took me the final week of the 21 journey to realise how fast life passes. And yes I have made a very conscious decision to make every single moment count. And as for the tomatoes matter ehn! I have given up!!! My father’s stew now contains almost only pepper (too bad the man can’t complain). Tin tomatoes is slowly becoming my new best friend. It’s really good to have you here Bubba!!! Welcome again :*.


      • …Yyyyyyaaaayyyyy she replied.. hehehe You need to see how excited aYam.. I cant keep calm biko! A fine geh someboRRy replied… :).. hehehehehehehehehhehehehe @Stew containing Pepper.. ya just Epic.. Biko where have you been all my life.. heheheheh.. P.S: I had to turn back on my PC to reply this.. Ya Bad like that Bubba.. Lets Dance Like no one is watching shall we?! :*


  6. Esther says:

    I’m tired of Lagos market biko; everything is fucking expensive
    Duru and Ame get a room already



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