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For some days now, I’ve been waking up with this “why is the world the way it is” feeling. I wake up questioning everything; why there is so much heat, why there is no power, why I have to wake up every morning to go to school when the only way I’m sure of being employed is if I create a job for myself since none of my uncles are senators or ministers (I still don’t understand why sha), why my street is so messed up each time it rains, why I don’t have super powers, why chickens can’t fly. EVERYTHING!

I decided to source for the origin of this anger. I finally found the problem after several hours of meditation. In a week I get to be “not 21” any more; I turn 22 in a week’s time. And, I realised I have been “living” my life (sorry existing) too damn fast. You’d think I was running from something. I have been secretly pissed at the fact that even though I have achieved a “considerable lot” (mostly academically) at my age, I couldn’t really care less about it all. I have been busy working hard for something I don’t even think I want.

I get to be “not 21” soon and I have no memories at all of being 21. I always looked forward to the 21 mile stone and had all these things planned out in my head, but….. Now is when my life is supposed to be about fostering relationships and creating beautiful memories for my old age. But instead, I wake up every morning thinking of what to make for breakfast, even if I do not plan to eat, my father has to. I run to school afterwards, spend not less than 5-6 hours in traffic to and from school, go to the market to get food stuff, get home, prepare dinner even if I’m tired as hell, struggle with my books and the cycle continues, every day, every week, every month.

Hangouts? Who has the time? Have fun? Please define fun.

I have decided to make this last week count! How? I honestly do not know. But something has to be done. Sha, for now I have to go and seek for a solution to my fresh tomato problems. Have you tried to buy fresh tomatoes in Lagos lately? You’d think you are buying designer tomatoes.






I just had to start with that. I’ve been extremely overjoyed since Saturday and that’s why. 😀

Now to why we are here………..


Love yourself the way you want to be loved (the way you want someone else to love you).

Love your neighbour as you love yourself (this is the greatest commandment).

An insight into the later tells us that you can only love others (your neighbour) when you love yourself. How much love you can show to your neighbour (everyone around you) is a function of how much you love yourself. You cannot give what you do not have.

With regards to the former, you cannot truly understand what it means to be loved when you do not love yourself. I’ll explain; when you do not love yourself, you cannot see what others love in you. When you do not have love for yourself, you do not know what it is for someone to give/show you love. It’s like giving a million dollars to someone who has lived all their life in a forest and has no idea what a dollar bill looks like. Now, imagine a painting you’ve studied and come to love; you’ve studied, understood and fallen in love with every brush stroke and even flaws. Imagine someone else falling in love with that same painting. You more than anyone else will be able to understand. That is exactly what it’s like to love yourself before someone else loves you.


So, basically before you can love others, or “feel loved” you have to first love yourself. And no, loving yourself doesn’t make you selfish/self-centred. It only means you are investing in yourself, so you can have even more to invest in others and appreciate when others invest in you. Self-love is basically where love begins; after your love for GOD.

How do you go about loving yourself?

The basic step is to forgive yourself of past mistakes, let go of any pain, regret, past failures, basically anything that makes you feel undeserving or worthless. And truth is; only GOD can take all that away. Also you need to understand who you are to GOD, to understand that HE has kept you here for a reason hence you are far from worthless.

Learning to love yourself is a process that takes time, but with GOD, it takes minutes.

UNTIL NEXT TIME….. In the words of Whitney Houston: Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all (after loving GOD)….. XOXO



Hello Beautiful People!!!! TGIF!!!! (lemme not shout too much I have to be in school tomorrow 😦 ). Anyway, I trust you all had a great week, and even if you didn’t don’t worry it’s over now and next week will be much better. Today we have a post from someone we will definitely be seeing a lot of on here from now on (I’m praying and fasting she keeps to her promise), I have been begging her to come on the blog for only God knows how long. During the week she calls me to say she will send in a post and I was really glad.

Here’s what Osas Uwoghiren aka The genius has for us 😀 ……

As humans, we are territorial by default. Based on past experiences, we tend to put boundaries around stuff we own. These boundaries might be physical like the passwords on our devices, window bars, fences in our homes. They might also be non-physical like the walls we put up against our hearts due to past experiences.

Invariably, we all have BARRIERS in one area of our life or the other. I am of the opinion that these barriers are important to ward off potential danger or hurt as I’ve also had them.   But come to think of it, have we asked ourselves this simple truth… With these bars up, how can we tell when the good things or Mr. Right come our way??

For some, as a result of these bars, they’ve allowed good things pass them by. Majority of us are so caged in that we can’t even tell how the warmth of the sun on our skin feels like. We can’t recognise happiness any more.



However, what if there’s a way to checkmate the right from the wrong.. The angel from the devil. Well, today’s your lucky day as I present you the one that knows it all. He’s able to see the thoughts and intents of men. He knows the END way before the BEGINNING.. “Oooh, I’ve heard all these before..” you might say. But, I ask you, have you made a decision to let your bars down for him?? to let him come in and take over.. He’s the only one that can help you spot the difference between what’s right for you and what should be thrown in the trash.

ENOUGH of the heartaches, disappointments, shame and disgrace, it’s time to let the bars down and let the all-knowing God take full control of the wheel of your life. I assure you’ll land in paradise sooner than you expect.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Action Point:

Accept Jesus as the anchor and saviour of your life via this simple prayer:

Dear Lord, I accept you into my life today because your word says “For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation”. Thank you for accepting me into your kingdom. Thank God I’m saved.

We hope to hear from you again soon Osas 😀 .

My thoughts: Barriers are important; very important. In Biochemistry, Biology etc we are taught that cells have membranes that act as barriers to their external environment, but these cells also need some important substances from their external environment. Which is why these membranes are also selectively permeable (they allow certain selected substances through them); there are various channels on the membrane through which certain elements needed by the cells pass through (these channels are also regulated by certain factors). Just as in the cell, when we put up barriers in aspects of our lives, we need certain channels to filter things we might need to let in and things we don’t. I believe that channel in our lives is GOD and the factor that regulates that channel is HIS WORD.

Andddd it was my baby brother’s birthday on Wednesday, i struggled to do a post that day to no avail. Still!!!! Happy Birthday to my baby brother Uwa Steve Uwoghiren who is finally “a young adult” and partially legal. I wish you the very best of everything and plenty prosperous years to come. No matter how old you get you’ll alwayssssssss be my baby brother. I love you kid.








Happy New Month people!!!! Welcome to the month of March, I trust you all had a blissful February; not to worry March promises to be better. I hope everyone is enjoying what’s left of their weekend, for behold Monday falls upon us tomorrow. I wouldn’t even classify Saturday as part of my weekend for the fact that I had to be in school yesterday. And as a result of the environmental sanitation exercise, the traffic to and fro was hell and yes I was very late for my class. In other news, the lecturer was this very very very hot and brainy young doctor. If I were to guess I would say she should be in her early 30’s. I just found a new motivation to get my PhD after this (getting my PhD before I’m 28 won’t be such a bad idea *flips brain*). Back to my LASTMA debacle, I’m still quite furious (well, a little less furious than I was on Wednesday). If you still haven’t read the first part of this post you aren’t too late. Click here.

You know how we lower our expectations from/of people so we don’t end up getting disappointed and just when we finally have a reason to lift our expectations, we get disappointed anyway. This is one of the reasons I was really pissed! I always have an absolute worst case scenario for every single situation (my friends call me a psycho for this sha; it can be really bad sometimes). The reason is just so I am prepared for whatever happens in the end. Unfortunately in this case I just never imagined anyone could be so wicked! My anger was for the fact that at first I was really happy to know we still had a few good LASTMA officers like him despite everything we hear about them, but in the end he proved himself to be the absolute worst! Nothing kills me more than getting disappointed like that.

Another infuriating fact I pulled from that experience was that most of our traffic control, vehicle inspection and security operatives in this country might just be the utter vilest! I’ve heard of so many cases where the complainant ends up becoming the culprit just because the officers need someone to take the fall/ are too lazy to carry out their duties/ just need to fill their pockets. The LASTMA officer said “Madam see ehn, ordinarily if it was another officer he would have directed you to pass one way, so that they will book you and you’ll pay #25,000. I’m just doing it for you because you looked responsible”. His statement has been a major reason for concern ever since. What are we to make of the fact that officers are willing to “lead you in the wrong path” just so they can fill their pockets?

This goes to show that just like our politicians, most of our security operatives are just after filling their pockets! They barely care for/about the people they have either sworn to serve or protect. Gabriel said on the previous post that letting the officer in was a risky move seeing as he could have had a weapon on him; my question is was I supposed to consider this being that I was dealing with “an officer”? Under normal circumstances the answer would be no, but seeing how everything turned out I probably should have had that in mind. Although I was very relieved and thus felt safer when I saw the officer at first, in the end I learnt that the same officers ought to be one of the problems I should be shielding myself from.

If the politicians only care about amassing wealth and the security operatives’ mostly care about filling their pockets, where does that leave me the ordinary citizen? Where do I run in time of trouble?

P.S: I already have Esther and Ifueko on the squad to find that officer: more recruits are welcomed!