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Hello beautiful people, welcome back. It’s world Cancer day again (February 4th), I tried composing a post on this, but I really couldn’t (you can read last year’s post here; it’s basically the same sermon). Losing a loved one to cancer has to be the worst thing ever, considering the pain they have to go through, the numerous drugs they are pumped with; and all to what end? Anyway, continue to rest in peace Mum, you fought hard enough. if you can come back please do.


So, before I talk about Vic O, let me share this experience I had a few days back. I walked into this “Mama putish” fast food close to my class the other day. “Mama putish” because they have stuff you find in a fast food (a show glass, uniformed staff et al.) and not in a mama put, but they sell their food at a “Mama putish” price. Their food is quite decent, but please do not go near their plywood “sausage” roll (I’m not really sure it actually contains sausage hence the inverted commas) or their igneous rock doughnuts (you can use it as a weapon). If you can avoid those two things, then you are safe. The only other problem (until this new problem arose) you’d likely encounter there is the fact that they will NEVER give you stew with your jollof rice. I mean NEVER. No matter who you are. Ok so, I walked in as usual to get food, there were about three people before me. I did what I always do, scout through the girls to see who I’d prefer to serve me. To my surprise, I could only recognise one of the girls there (the one popularly called “Okpelenge”). “Where are all my ‘friends’”? I screamed in my head. After all the struggles of familiarising myself with them, so they can serve me a substantial amount of rice (especially since I never buy more than 50 naira rice) they just disappeared. I stood waiting for my turn. Next thing, the microwave end cycle signal rang and Okpelenge brought out the food and the next thing I heard was “Who go put salad inside microwave”. AHHH JESU!!!! I patiently waited for Okpelenge to be free before I ordered my food sha. I can’t be eating microwaved salad in the present state of the nation. Dollar is now almost #350 naira and for a minute there we were all searching for our 2016 budget. I hope you guys understand my plight.


Just when I was busy wondering why MTN people will be telling me I have insufficient airtime to call when I clearly saw #49 and like 5kobo last time I checked my account balance, this man/boy/male/person/I’m not really sure what he actually is that claims to be releasing hit tracks back to back just like Lil Kesh crossed my mind. The one and only self-acclaimed musician VicO.  I first heard about this uncle in my 200 level or so, and since then he has managed to go from funny to unwise stupid. Now? He is just a social menace (strictly my opinion). These days I am actually disturbed whenever I watch anything he is in. Is there somebody in VicO’s cupboard telling him whatever it is that he is doing is actually funny? Or that it’s okay? I had a million and one words in my head regarding this issue when I started this post but now, I’m just blank. The VicO effect!!! My gut tells me the only reason VicO is still spitting rap songs is because we are actually patronising the uncle. I mean virtually everyone thought he was funny when they first heard him, and that possibly fuelled his ambition (to win next rated artist at the headies in 2020). I mean why exactly does he get invited to talk shows to fool himself? Why do some of his youtube videos have over 600,000 views??? (why una dey watch am???)  I’m not very sure where VicO originated from but he has to be sent back!

My brother has just attempted singing VicO’s new hit single to me…… it goes thus…. Why evils Why evils Why evils…. 


I should probably just stop here before I strangle myself…..




Constitutional or Not?

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On the radio show “Political Platform” a couple of days ago, a listener sent in a message concerning the 220 million naira the Kano State government had earmarked to cater for those who couldn’t afford food to break their fast during the Ramadan. He was of the opinion that the government could have used the money for a project aimed at creating gainful employment for these people rather than just feeding them for the period. Just as I was ruminating on the thought, a call was placed across to someone who is supposed to be a spokesperson or something of that sort for the Kano state government. And then, the “sophisticated illiteracy” of many of our government officials was thrown out in the open yet again.

The conversation went thus; (P.S: this is an abridged version of the conversation)

Show anchor: Have any funds had been earmarked for feeding in this fasting season?

Spokesperson: Yes, the Kano government has earmarked 220 million naira for the feeding of Muslims who cannot afford food to break their fasts during the Ramadan. There are a lot of Muslims who do not have anything to break their fasts and the government has taken it upon itself to cater for this people.

Show anchor: One of our listeners is of the opinion that the money should be used to create jobs for this people instead of feeding them for just this period also considering the debt log of the state.

Spokesperson: Yes yes, the government will create jobs for them, but the people have to be healthy to work (huh???). If they are not healthy, how will they work? It is the government’s duty to feed the people. The state’s governor is very sensitive to the people’s plight. If the Kano state government doesn’t give them food what will they eat after their fast. We are giving cooked food not raw food. blah…. blah….. blah…. He said some things I couldn’t make any sense of.

Show anchor: Is this money coming from the government’s purse or is the governor personally funding it? Because we know the Kano State government was listed as one of the states in debt.

Spokesperson: Yes, the Kano state government is funding the project because as you know the people of the state have to be fed (what???)….. blah….. blah……. blah…… some more incoherent words.

Show anchor: Is it constitutional for the governor to fund such a project from the government’s purse? Is there a provision in the constitution for this? Does this action have a constitutional backing?

(In my mind, I was just begging the guy to cut the call and run before he fools himself; I am not looking forward to another oga at the top saga. Imagine if he had said something like, “I don’t know, I need to ask my oga. Or it’s my oga that brought up the idea, so I don’t really know)

Spokesperson: Silence…….

Show anchor: Oh I think we lost him.

In my opinion, the man ran for his dear life! They further analysed the issue on the show. One of the anchors was quick to point out that the state is religiously diverse and as such, a project like that should probably not be embarked if it is being funded from the state’s purse. The question on my mind the whole time was “who was feeding these people before the fasting period?” Agreed, there is a benevolent side to this deed. What the governor is trying to do is really wonderful. BUT THEN AGAIN; YOUR STATE IS IN DEBT, WHO WILL FEED THIS PEOPLE AFTER THE RAMADAN ENDS (WHAT HAVE THEY EVEN BEEN EATING)? WILL YOU DO THIS DURING THE LENTEN SEASON? WOULDN’T IT BE BETTER IF YOU PROVIDED JOBS FOR THIS PEOPLE WITH THIS MONEY; IT MIGHT NOT BE SO MUCH, BUT IT’S DEFINITELY A START (REMEMBER THE TEACH ME TO FISH INSTEAD OF GIVING ME FISH ADAGE?).

In my opinion, it is a really nice gesture, but he could have funded it from his “PERSONAL” purse QUIETLY.



Andddd a very Happy Birthday to the world’s greatest footballer and a living legend Lionel Andres Messi (If you like curse me in your mind, I go soon meet am). I had this plan to do a very elaborate post for/on my birthday but as always, Biochemistry has ruined it all (which begs the question, when will Ame have a life). I have this five hour long incourse on Friday (my birthday) and two other great ones on Monday and Wednesday next week. All the plans I had for myself and my friends (I) have therefore been moved to the following weekend (I’m sure people postpone their birthdays all the time, hell Uncle Gabriel Igbinedion celebrates his birthday all through the year). However!!!!! WORLD AME DAY remains 26th June!!!! #ANTICIPATE. I will definitely squeeze in a post on Friday and please expect a lot of pictures!!!!  





History was made yesterday as General Muhammadu Buhari was elected the next president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Defeating the incumbent President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan in what has been termed the least controversial elections in the history of the nation’s democracy. After running for the position in four consecutive elections, he finally became the people’s choice. Some have said his persistence finally paid off; and perhaps his new mantra “CHANGE” which probably became the most used word in the country in the past few months.

While the nation waits for the president-elect to officially take over office come May 29th, we also celebrate a man who many have termed a “HERO”; the outgoing president; President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. It is indeed rare for incumbent to be voted out of office especially when he could have defied all protocols to turn the elections in his favour. He said during his campaign that his re-election wasn’t worth the life of a single Nigerian. He indeed kept to his word in ensuring a free and fair electoral process. He also showed himself to be a much better leader than many acknowledge when he called to congratulate the president-elect even before the results were officially announced. Defying the numerous controversial statements made by many Nigerians and even an ex-president and an elder statesman; he has indeed proved himself a true leader.

Nigeria’s democracy also recorded a great victory as it is the very first time an opposition party would defeat a ruling party. Not just that, but without bloodshed amidst fear and numerous negative prophesies. The world was focused on Nigeria. Almost everyone anticipated excessive bloodshed, including numerous powerful men of God. The rest of the world watched as though this was the final straw that would finally pull the country apart. But we showed that our democracy had finally grown beyond violence and that Nigeria is far beyond negative prophesies.



Now, as Nigeria awaits its new leader, irrespective of who or what you support or believe in, we should all join hands in support of the new government. Not waiting for the new government to fail just because you are in support of the opposition party. A better Nigeria would be of benefit to each and every one of us; whether you are of the ruling party or the opposition. Nigeria does not belong to a single party. It belongs to us all and we have proven that in breaking this new record.

And yes we can now return to our lives!!!





Hello beautiful people!!!!! How’s everyone doing???? It’s been a minute. Who missed me? *no hands* 😦 . Well, I missed you guys, school has been bloody hectic (the funny part is we’ve been busy doing almost nothing). My dad shouldn’t hear that sha, in his mind I have been utilising the fees he paid to the optimum. Asides school, a whole lot has been going on, I pray God gives me the willpower to give you guys the gist soon.

Now, except you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you all know the election of a lifetime is upon us. I breezed into school today to tidy up a few things after which I had to go to the market, as my dad requested I stocked up “for the election”. The market was very rowdy and as expected everything was almost double the price. Security personnel were on every corner and I noticed they made it a point to disrupt any gathering of more than two young men. On the bus, three women made it their mission to discuss why they had to buy half the market as they were unsure of what the aftermath of the elections would hold. While their discussion lingered, a battle was going on in my head as to why everyone was anticipating violence. Even my lecturer parted with the words “We’ll see again when the coast is clear” on Thursday. A lecturer fixed a class for Monday morning, but as expected, over half of the class myself included said a big NO to the class for the same reason (my reason was sha because I never want to take lectures *looks around for my father*). The roads were surprisingly free for a Friday and there was little or no noise about turning up. There were rumours of uproars in certain areas although I passed the same roads and witnessed nothing (I nor understand where some people dey see their news sha). I mean one broadcast message I got said members of a particular political party were being molested and several of them had been killed with their bodies lying on the streets. Meanwhile I was at the very location for a good two hours before the broadcast message came in and another two hours after and there was no noise whatsoever.

This is no doubt the most keenly contested and most talked about election in the history of our democracy. And as such, the anticipation of violence isn’t implausible. Although I still find it alarming that certain individuals still see violence as a medium for settling election disputes. As it has been preached from time immemorial; these people you are fighting for have children that are miles away from all the violence and uproar. Why exactly do you feel your own life if any less important? I have come to a conclusion that the elections will come and go and Nigeria will still be here. The country is way bigger than any candidate and whoever wins is the best candidate.


The message remains the same: VOTE WITH INK AND NOT BLOOD, VOTE NOT FIGHT, SHUN EVERY FORM OF VIOLENCE, PLEDGE PEACE…. Come 28th March: CAST YOUR VOTE IN PEACE AND WAIT FOR THE RESULTS AT HOME. Lastly, please make it a point of duty to clarify rumours before acting.