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Hello beautiful people, so this post is supposed to serve as a reminder to something we already know, but often forget. You know how it has been said overtime that it is imperative to treat everyone we meet well because we never know what they are passing through; It still hasn’t changed. That girl who smiles at you every day and always has the heaviest of makeup on is going through something unimaginable. But she tries everything in her power to not look like what she’s going through because if she did…….

I was chatting with a friend, and she kept lamenting about some challenges she was currently facing. I told her I would take everything she was going through over what I was passing through. “What could you possibly be passing through; you have everything all of us are struggling for. You are not job hunting, you have started your masters and your parents are even there to support you.” She said. I laughed, and told her just one of my burdens and she was speechless. She called me up immediately and gave a few words of encouragement. Then she said “You are always normal and funny there’s no way I could have imagined”. I told her, I had already put every single one of my burdens in God’s hands and worrying would only be a waste of time and besides looking like what I’m passing through won’t change the situation one bit.

Every single person you meet is carrying one burden or the other, some lighter than others, but most times we overlook this fact and draw our conclusions about them based on what we see. Never assume a person has it all going well by what you see, trust me you’d be shocked to know what that girl who smiles 24/7 has on her plate. Finally, we don’t have to see/know what people are going through to treat them right. So, “be kind, for everyone you meet is carrying a great burden/ fighting a hard battle” – Plato/ Philo / Ian Maclaren.


Also, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway, I know everyone has gotten their airtime except Mr/Miss/Mrs Anonymous. Kindly respond to the email sent to you. Thanks.


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Hello Hello Hello lovelies, TGIF!!!!!! Mehn after the week I had, I have all the right in the world to scream TGIF as much as I want. This week was damn too hectic!!!! I think I even lost a few pounds despite all the junk I consumed. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance people. It is the season of love indeed, and for us Nigerians, the season of love, elections, manifestos, promises, slandering and so on. Just when I was rejoicing that my radio, television, social media and papers will finally be free of campaign adverts boom! INEC decided to move the elections and let people have valentines. Oh well, plans still haven’t changed, elections or no elections, valentines or no valentines I shall sleep, eat and watch movies come 14th February.

Speaking of election manifestos and promises, I never knew it affected toasting (wooing) patterns o. Lemme gist you guys….

Yesterday while I was going about my registration in school, cursing the scorching sun as I walked to the bank, someone tapped me from behind. At first I felt it was someone passing through the whole registration wahala like I was, he said “Please excuse me my name is Dr. XXXX I’ve been trying to get your attention from behind” I waited for him to ask a question or say something else. Well, he didn’t, so I continued my journey without a word (the sun was scorching mehnnn), he followed behind and said he was also headed to the bank, I still didn’t answer. We got to the bank and the security guard asked if we were together, I said no and walked in, and then I heard him reply “we are partially together”. Lmaoooooo what??? “Partially together” I laughed in my head. I went about my business, and few minutes later I saw him walking out. I was glad seeing as I was going to be spending at least 20-30 minutes inside the bank. Guess who I saw immediately I stepped out of the bank! Sigh!

He walked with me and started his yarn. “Like I said my name is Dr. XXXX, I work with something medical center (I was too tired to pay attention); I am hoping to start my residency here. What’s your name?” I told him and he continued. (P.S: This time some months ago, I wouldn’t have been so nice, I would have just told him to keep moving instead of wasting his precious time and mine. I have decided to be nicer). “You see, it’s all about interest here, I’m very interesting” he paused (holding the laugh that was to follow took God’s grace sha). I said nothing, then he continued There’s no need beating around the bush here, I want to be very blunt…. (Insert short pause)….. I want you as my woman I turned to him in shock and laughed mehnnnn I just couldn’t hold it anymore. The laugh didn’t stop him o, he continued by telling me everything about his education, youth service, where he was from (even his local government) and parents all in about four minutes. While he was talking I was busy beating myself up inside for not parking closer to the bank. He asked where I was from, I answered and then the manifesto proper began. You see, you are a very wonderful, beautiful and kind woman (he saw me roughly about 30 minutes ago and I had spoken roughly about 20 words to him and he could already deduce this) and I promise to respect you because that’s one thing a woman deserves” he paused again to gather thoughts I presume. Then he continued “I promise to stand by your side and provide for you, I don’t know what your quest is in life, because I know we all have different quests but…..” just before he could complete his statement I muttered “Thank God” I finally found my car. I stood waiting for him to round-up while counting to ten in my mind. He finally started his closing speech “Well, in conclusion, I am single and I really want to settle down and seeing you I believe my quest is over. Like I said I don’t know your quest in life but you are a wonderful woman and all these are the things I have to offer. I may not know how yet but I know you won’t regret being my woman.” I heaved a very big sigh of relief when I realized his speech was finally over, I didn’t want to break my “niceness vow” after two months nahhh. At this point all that was going through my head was; “uncle you would have made a very good politician o”. He asked for a pen to write down my number because his phone was off; and I thought “Ame, this would be the perfect time to sha give a wrong number”. Well, I gave the correct number, I am that nice.


While I sat in my car trying to recover, my thoughts wandered off to how Dr. XXXX was so similar to many of our Nigerian politicians. Promises from every corner of their mouths, if their noses could make promises I’m sure we would get promises from there too, but how they intend to fulfill these promises, we never get to hear that part. They run problem based campaigns, like we don’t know what the problems are. What we need are “solution based” campaigns! We already know the problems. We know corruption has eaten deep into the fabrics of the nation, we know power isn’t constant, we know security is paramount; but how do you intend to tackle these ‘pressing’ problems? That’s what I’m interested in.

Now!!!! Valentine’s Day is just a few hours away and here on my thoughts to screen blog, we’ll be giving out some love in our own little way. There’ll be a mini give away here tomorrow. But!!! Only those who follow the blog by email or have joined the blog’s BBM channel or liked our facebook page can partake. The link will only be posted on the blog’s BBM channel and facebook page. In addition, we’ll be recognizing someone very dear to this blog; he has the highest number of comments so far!!!







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Today the 4th of February marks the World Cancer Day.

The challenge of cancer is #NotBeyondUs if we work together to;

  1. Take seriously the emotional and mental impacts on the patient as well as the physical impacts.
  2. Have a holistic, person-centered, multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, which will improve cancer outcomes and maximize the quality of life for people of all ages living with cancer, their families and care givers.
  3. Equip healthcare providers with the skills and knowledge to ensure that all cancer patients have access to adequate pain relief and quality palliative care.
  4. Implement global commitments to ensure that palliative care is included in all national health policies and budgets, and in the curricula for health professionals.

In as much as I hate curse/swear words I call cancer a bitch every single time I have to refer to it. Because I have seen first hand what it is capable of. Truth is a lot of cancer deaths can be avoided. Early detection is key. For females examine your breasts regularly, take the HPV cervical cancer vaccines while you still can, as breast and cervical cancer are the most common cancers in females. Asides from genetic markers that predispose to cancer, there are certain behavioral and dietary risks that are also key risk factors. High body mass index, lack of physical activity, low fruit and vegetable intake, tobacco and alcohol use, smoke from use of solid fuels, air pollution are some examples, and about 40% of cancers can be prevented by modifying or avoiding these key risk factors.

Take the necessary steps to prevent this bitch of a disease and show as much love as you can to people suffering from it.



Screamsss *they are backkkk*!!! All my favourite tv shows are back on air, the hiatus is over!!! As always, when my regular shows go on hiatus or at the end of a season, I scout for new shows. During the Christmas break I found a couple; Jane the Virgin, Grace Point, Stalker, Forever, Chicago PD and Selfie. Of all the shows, I stuck to Jane the Virgin, Grace Point and Forever. Stalker kinda made me paranoid, Chicago PD was rather too stiff and Selfie, although I watched all 10 episodes I could find, was undoubtedly the most meaningless series ever!!!

Honestly when I saw the name my first thought was “this show will be very stupid”. I went ahead to download the first two episodes anyway. After watching the first episode, I could literally feel a drop in my IQ. But then again, as we know a wise man makes sense of foolishness (flips grey hair).

Now, this show is about a social media freak Eliza who was quite unpopular as a kid (she had no friends and was constantly bullied). When she became an adult, she turned her “physicals” around her brain suffered some damage as well (in my opinion) and basically became a social media celebrity but still without real life friends. In the first episode, she had a break down of her own doing (she found out her “boyfriend” of 2-3 weeks was married) and she needed a pick me up, but no one came to her rescue. She complained about “her friends” (social media friends) not being there for her when she needed them. Something came to mind after that episode; she made a common mistake most social media users make which was “Not knowing the difference between your ‘friends’ and People you know/follow/friend on social media”. She had over 300,000 followers/friends across all her social media platforms, yet no actual friends. A lot of us like her make this same mistake, we live our lives on social media, get as many followers as we possibly can, build our lives around them and when we hit the rocks in real life and find that we are alone, we tag them as terrible friends. Forgetting it was a real life issue you had and not a social media issue. Eliza finally realised “Siri” was the only “one”who had her back. Then she said “She finally realised being “friended” wasn’t the same thing as having friends”. The truth is unless you have made an effort to build that friendship outside of social media, all those people remain your followers as you remain theirs.


Another question came to mind after the first two episodes; Does social media make you stupid? Honestly, if you’ve watched Selfie you’d understand where this question is coming from. Eliza had no clue how to function in real life. All that mattered to her was what she had to do next to out play her fellow social media freaks. She was a living model of what my dictionary describes as a BIMBO (not the yoruba name). After a little thought and after going through more episodes, my answer was NO. Social media doesn’t make you stupid, it is only an avenue for stupid people to make their stupidity more popular and for smart people to showcase their intelligence. Social media is what you make of it. While some people are out there making millions off social media, some are bringing as much ridicule as they can to themselves and their ancestors. You see, Eliza was a good sales executive, but she didn’t realise her social media popularity would even make her an even better one. Not until her boss sang it into her ears.

There’s a big difference between being “friended/followed” and having friends. Keep in mind that your “social media” friends will remain “social media” friends and owe you nothing outside “social media” except you have built a relationship with them outside “social media”. Also, we should learn to use social media platforms very wisely. How well you use them determines whether they’ll make or mar you. You never know who is watching.

Thank you for reading :D…