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I just had to start with that. I’ve been extremely overjoyed since Saturday and that’s why. 😀

Now to why we are here………..


Love yourself the way you want to be loved (the way you want someone else to love you).

Love your neighbour as you love yourself (this is the greatest commandment).

An insight into the later tells us that you can only love others (your neighbour) when you love yourself. How much love you can show to your neighbour (everyone around you) is a function of how much you love yourself. You cannot give what you do not have.

With regards to the former, you cannot truly understand what it means to be loved when you do not love yourself. I’ll explain; when you do not love yourself, you cannot see what others love in you. When you do not have love for yourself, you do not know what it is for someone to give/show you love. It’s like giving a million dollars to someone who has lived all their life in a forest and has no idea what a dollar bill looks like. Now, imagine a painting you’ve studied and come to love; you’ve studied, understood and fallen in love with every brush stroke and even flaws. Imagine someone else falling in love with that same painting. You more than anyone else will be able to understand. That is exactly what it’s like to love yourself before someone else loves you.


So, basically before you can love others, or “feel loved” you have to first love yourself. And no, loving yourself doesn’t make you selfish/self-centred. It only means you are investing in yourself, so you can have even more to invest in others and appreciate when others invest in you. Self-love is basically where love begins; after your love for GOD.

How do you go about loving yourself?

The basic step is to forgive yourself of past mistakes, let go of any pain, regret, past failures, basically anything that makes you feel undeserving or worthless. And truth is; only GOD can take all that away. Also you need to understand who you are to GOD, to understand that HE has kept you here for a reason hence you are far from worthless.

Learning to love yourself is a process that takes time, but with GOD, it takes minutes.

UNTIL NEXT TIME….. In the words of Whitney Houston: Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all (after loving GOD)….. XOXO



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Happy Valentine’s Day

YESSS!!! Happy valentine’s lovelies, how are you all spending the day? Its been all chores since I got up, then my dad got us things to celebrate :D. Like i said yesterday we’ll be giving out a token today; but there’s a little catch. I’ll be asking two very simple questions and the first five people with correct answers get airtime; Here goes….

1) What Television Show was referenced in a recent post

2) Brother’s and sister’s i have none but this man’s father is my father’s son, Who is the man?

First correct answer- N1000 airtime, Second correct answer- N750 airtime, Third Fourth and Fifth correct answers- N500 airtime each.

Drop your answers in the comment section below…..

Now to that special someone I talked about recognizing today, Gabriel Ataman or Gabosky as he likes to call himself has dropped the highest number of comments on the blog so far and this is just to say i really really appreciate having you here. He gets a thousand naira worth of airtime and a box of 12 cupcakes (to be delivered whenever we are in the same town 😀 ). 

Have fun today lovelies and show some love to someone who really needs love….. XOXO