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Posted: February 4, 2016 by myTHOUGHTStoSCREEN in NIGERIA, RANDOM THOUGHTS
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Hello beautiful people, welcome back. It’s world Cancer day again (February 4th), I tried composing a post on this, but I really couldn’t (you can read last year’s post here; it’s basically the same sermon). Losing a loved one to cancer has to be the worst thing ever, considering the pain they have to go through, the numerous drugs they are pumped with; and all to what end? Anyway, continue to rest in peace Mum, you fought hard enough. if you can come back please do.


So, before I talk about Vic O, let me share this experience I had a few days back. I walked into this “Mama putish” fast food close to my class the other day. “Mama putish” because they have stuff you find in a fast food (a show glass, uniformed staff et al.) and not in a mama put, but they sell their food at a “Mama putish” price. Their food is quite decent, but please do not go near their plywood “sausage” roll (I’m not really sure it actually contains sausage hence the inverted commas) or their igneous rock doughnuts (you can use it as a weapon). If you can avoid those two things, then you are safe. The only other problem (until this new problem arose) you’d likely encounter there is the fact that they will NEVER give you stew with your jollof rice. I mean NEVER. No matter who you are. Ok so, I walked in as usual to get food, there were about three people before me. I did what I always do, scout through the girls to see who I’d prefer to serve me. To my surprise, I could only recognise one of the girls there (the one popularly called “Okpelenge”). “Where are all my ‘friends’”? I screamed in my head. After all the struggles of familiarising myself with them, so they can serve me a substantial amount of rice (especially since I never buy more than 50 naira rice) they just disappeared. I stood waiting for my turn. Next thing, the microwave end cycle signal rang and Okpelenge brought out the food and the next thing I heard was “Who go put salad inside microwave”. AHHH JESU!!!! I patiently waited for Okpelenge to be free before I ordered my food sha. I can’t be eating microwaved salad in the present state of the nation. Dollar is now almost #350 naira and for a minute there we were all searching for our 2016 budget. I hope you guys understand my plight.


Just when I was busy wondering why MTN people will be telling me I have insufficient airtime to call when I clearly saw #49 and like 5kobo last time I checked my account balance, this man/boy/male/person/I’m not really sure what he actually is that claims to be releasing hit tracks back to back just like Lil Kesh crossed my mind. The one and only self-acclaimed musician VicO.  I first heard about this uncle in my 200 level or so, and since then he has managed to go from funny to unwise stupid. Now? He is just a social menace (strictly my opinion). These days I am actually disturbed whenever I watch anything he is in. Is there somebody in VicO’s cupboard telling him whatever it is that he is doing is actually funny? Or that it’s okay? I had a million and one words in my head regarding this issue when I started this post but now, I’m just blank. The VicO effect!!! My gut tells me the only reason VicO is still spitting rap songs is because we are actually patronising the uncle. I mean virtually everyone thought he was funny when they first heard him, and that possibly fuelled his ambition (to win next rated artist at the headies in 2020). I mean why exactly does he get invited to talk shows to fool himself? Why do some of his youtube videos have over 600,000 views??? (why una dey watch am???)  I’m not very sure where VicO originated from but he has to be sent back!

My brother has just attempted singing VicO’s new hit single to me…… it goes thus…. Why evils Why evils Why evils…. 


I should probably just stop here before I strangle myself…..